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T.G Ascent

6th April, 2019

TG Ascent is our tribute to lifestyle. A home to up your life, you don’t compromise here. You just live. Planned to perfection, TG Ascent adds unparalleled comfort to your life. Relax in lush green spaces, workout at the gym, take a dip in the serene pool or enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon barbecuing. There’s something for everyone here. The attention to detail and the finest selection of fittings and finishing makes life at TG Ascent easy.


T.G Arte

11th March, 2019

We believe in shaping buildings that shape up our lifestyles. Welcome to your little piece of Italy! In keeping with our signature of aesthetic sensibilities that seek to please, we have imbibed the true emotion of Italian attention to detail, replete with the perfect hues of sun-drenched greenery and architectural embellishments that revel in natural light.

A beautiful array of open spaces and constructive marvels come alive at TG Arte.